Welcome Leslie


DSC005756Hey Everyone!


I am so excited to be joining up with visitasanmiguel.com and showing off beautiful San Miguel de Allende to our international visitors! While we want to promote an awareness of the fantastic location and activities San Miguel de Allende has to offer, we also wish to provide some insight to logistics, festivals, and culture that would help anyone coming for a visit.

While not a native “Sanmiguelense” myself, I have considered San Miguel de Allende my home for the last 15 years. I’ve been a world traveler since I was a toddler, growing up in various places all over Latin America, and have deeply set roots in Mexican culture with a little “gringa” mixed in!

I will be posting English articles once a week about maneuvering San Miguel de Allende and its surrounding areas. I’m looking forward to connecting with you and keep those suggestions, recommendations, and tips flowing! I would love to hear back any comments or questions, or any experiences you may have had while visiting San Miguel de Allende, and perhaps feature some of those topics.

I can’t wait to see you around!… Leslie García